• CISCO VoIP Phones


    Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, phones were installed across the district beginning in 2010 as part of the installation of a Unified Communications System. These phones allow calls to be made across an IP network.  With the new telephone system, the telephones stay at the installed location, but the phone number travels with the individual.  If an employee is teaching at Como Sr. and moves to Central Sr. the next school year, the phone will remain at Como, but the phone number will move to Central with the employee.


    Dialing Instructions

    In District Calls -- Use 5 digit calling

    When placing a call from a VoIP phone to any other phone number inside SPPS, please dial the last five digits of the phone number you are calling.  These calls stay inside of the SPPS network, and save the district money.  For example, when calling the Service Desk, dial 3-4357 instead of 603-4357.

    Local Calls -- Dial 9 + the seven digit phone number

    When placing a call outside of SPPS, please dial 9 plus the phone number.  Dialing 9 is necessary to access an outside line.

    Searching the District Directory

    To quickly locate the phone number for a district employee and bypass a main office, use the Directories key to access the Corporate Directory and place a call.

    1. Press the Directories button
    2. Press 5 or use the arrow key to arrow down to Corporate Directory and press Select
    3. Use the key pad to enter the first name and last name. You may also use first initial and part of last name, and press Search
    4. If you entered only a partial name, use the up and down arrows to navigate through the list of names until you locate the one you wish to call.
    5. Press Dial to place the call or Exit, Cancel, and Exit to exit the Directories menu.

Contact Technology Services

  • Contact us

    Service Desk: 651-603-HELP or 34357 within SPPS

    Technology Services Department: 651-603-4357

    Fax: 651-293-8990

    email: service.desk@spps.org

    Hours: 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday