Active Directory

  • The Technology Services Department utilizes a directory service called Active Directory to manage user access and authentication to several different systems within the district, including:

    • Computer Access - Log in to any district computer
    • Network Storage / Travel Folder
    • Campus Student Information System
    • Moodle / eLearn
    • SPPS Apps
    • Viewpoint
    • Room Reservation System

    Active Directory User Name

    Student -- s######   where # is the student identification number
    Employee -- e######   where # is the employee identification number

    Change Password

    Users are encouraged to change the default password for their account to prevent unauthorized access to their account and files stored in various systems. Changing the Active Directory password changes the password in all of the systems which use Active Directory for authentication.

    Mac Windows XP and Windows 7
    1. Log in to the Mac computer with your Active Directory user name and password
    2. Click on the Apple and select System Preferences
    3. Click on Users & Groups under System Preferences
    4. Click on the Change Password button
    5. Enter your current Active Directory password
    6. Type a new password
    7. Re-type the new password
    8. Press the Change Password button at the bottom of the pop-up window
    1. Log in to the PC with your Active Directory user name and password
    2. Press Ctrl Alt Delete
    3. Select Change Password
    4. Enter your current Active Directory password in the Old Password field
    5. Type a new password in the New Password field
    6. Type the new password in the Confirm Password field
    7. Press OK in the confirmation pop-up
    8. Press Cancel to go back to your desktop
    Link: PDF with directions and screenshots - Mac Link: PDF with directions and screenshots - PC

    Active Directory Support:

    If your password has expired or you require additional assistance with resetting an Active Directory password, please contact the Service Desk.

Contact Technology Services

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    Service Desk: 651-603-HELP or 34357 within SPPS

    Technology Services Department: 651-603-4357

    Fax: 651-293-8990


    Hours: 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday