Mr. Brandon Russell

Phone: (651) 744 - 2007


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - UC Irvine MA - Univ. of St. Thomas

Mr. Brandon Russell

3 quotes which guide me in life:
     "Everyday is a new day to succeed."
     "You can't hit a homerun without swinging the bat."
     "The decisions you make today impact the choices you will have tomorrow."

About your teacher:
 Age and Geography
           - I'm turning 32 on March 2nd 2020, which seems crazy to me - time flies. I grew up in Irvine, CA, and moved here with my husband, Michael, in 2014.
   Education & Military
Until 10th grade, I wasn't very interested in school, and subsequently attended an alternative high school until 12th grade. If you're having a hard time, or if you just aren't interested in school, let's chat - I understand.
           - I didn't have the grades or the money for college, so I joined the Navy. It was a great choice. If you're thinking about the military, let me know if you have any questions.
           - I attended the University of California, Irvine for my BA. I became excited about math at UCI; I had a lot of fun developing confidence, proficiency, and interest in a subject (math) that I previously had never given much time. If you're excited about math, let's chat about it.
           - I attended the University of St. Thomas for my MA and initial licensure. If you ever consider teaching as a future career, let's chat about it.
I enjoy making music, running, watching and analyzing movies, writing (poetry, thoughts, and short stories), reading (mostly math, psychology, essays, & short stories), spending quality time with my family, and weird random projects (many of which have a 50% probability of completion).

 Quarter 1 Schedule:
     P1 -
Geometry (2304)
     P2 - PLC
     P3 - Calculus 2 (2304)
     P4 - Geometry (2304)
     P5 - Prep
     P6 - Geometry (2304)
     P7 - Algebra 2 (2304) (co-taught with Mr. Giles)

Before/After School Tutoring
     The first moment you realize you're "stuck", please ask a question in class and/or come see me before or after school. Everyday I am here by 7:00am, and I will plan on staying at school until 3:30pm. If you plan on coming by for help, talk to me first to ensure I will be available that day.

Geometry Syllabus    Algebra 2 Syllabus    Calculus 2 Syllabus

Calc 2 Summer Work