Welcome to 1st Grade Co-Teaching with Ms. Lizz!!!


    SO excited to be here!


    My name is Elizabeth Thao (Ms. Lizz) and I am a Hmong, female Special Education teacher at Bruce Vento Elementary. I am a former St. Paul Public Schools student and graduate and I am loving this opportunity come back to SPPS as a teacher! I am so excited to co-teach with Ms. Xiong and to meet and work with my students and their families!

    I truly believe that all students can learn, regardless of ability. It is our jobs as educators to meet the diverse needs to students by supporting them where they are at in their educational journey. Also, in addition to academics, I believe in a focus on foundational social-emotional learning to promote autonomy and independence as early as possible. Some of these skills include working on communication, self-regulation, restorative justice practices, and teaching accountability for one's actions. In my experience, the ability to apply and transfer social-emotional skills in different contexts can postitively impact academic performance. I am also aware of the impact of institutionalized racism and acknowledge how deeply this has impacted the performance of our students of color in the past and today. I continue to strive to evolve my own personal journey with racial equity and deliver instruction in an equitable and culturally responsive way.

    I look forward to working with your children (our students)--acknowledging and fostering their strengths, appreciating their voices and input, and honoring what their unique minds have to add to our learning community! Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns!

    Kuv yog Hmoob


  • Office:


  • Co-teaching Schedule with Ms. Xiong

    8:30-8:55 Morning Meeting

    8:55-10:15 Reader’s Workshop

    10:15-10:55 Words Their Way/Transition

    10:55-11:15 Structured Play

    11:15-11:35 Lunch

    11:35-11:50 Transition/Read Aloud

    11:50-1:05 Math Workshop

    1:05-1:55 Prep

    1:55-2:50 Writer’s Workshop

    2:50-3:00 Dismissal

    • Bachelor of Individualized Studies Degree:
      University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, 2009
      Asian American Studies, Asian Languages & Literature, Teaching ESL

    • Master's in Education Degree:
      University of St. Thomas - St. Paul, MN, 2017
      Academic Behavioral Strategist