Saint Paul Public Schools: Insurance

  • This site provides detailed information regarding your insurance benefit options as an employee of SPPS.  If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact the Human Resources Department at 651-767-8200 or send an email to the Benefits Team,

  • Dental

    Dental Insurance 

    Dental insurance coverage is available to benefit-eligible employees based on their collective bargaining agreement.

  • Vision

    Vision Insurance 

    The Vision Plan features the EyeMed Insight network, one of the largest in the industry, with access to thousands of private practitioners and retail providers nationwide.

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    Cobra Continuation Coverage 

    COBRA continuation coverage provides employees in certain circumstances the ability to continue the health and/or dental coverage after they would normally no longer be eligible.

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    Retiree Benefits 

    Prior to reaching retirement age, a packet will be mailed to your home with informaiton about moving to the District's Medicare supplement plan and other benefits. .