Benefit summaries show your costs for medical insurance plans after the district contribution (based on the rates for each bargaining unit).

2020 Benefit Summaries

  • All
  • Assoc of Supervisory Administrative Personnel ASAP
  • Bus Driver Full-Time
  • Bus Driver Part-Time
  • Classified Confidential Full-Time
  • Classified Confidential Part-Time
  • Clerical Technical Full-Time
  • Clerical Technical Part-Time
  • Custodial and Operating Engineers Full-Time
  • Custodial and Operating Engineers Part-Time
  • EA 60-Plus Hours Full-Time
  • EA Less Than 60 Hours Part-Time
  • Machinists Full-Time
  • Machinists Part-Time
  • Manual and Maintenance Supervisors
  • Nutrition Services Personnel Full-Time
  • Nutrition Services Personnel Part-Time
  • PEA 32 Hours Full-Time
  • PEA Less Than 32 Hours Part-Time
  • Principals
  • School and Community Service Professionals
  • Superintendency
  • Supervisors
  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants Full-Time
  • Teaching Assistants Part-Time
  • Tri-Council

Core Benefit Coverage by Bargaining Unit

  • If you do not elect new medical and/or dental benefits during Active Enrollment, you will be placed into the core coverage benefits for your bargaining unit.

    If elections are not changed by the employee for Optional Life, Spouse Life, Dependent Life and Short Term Disability, these insurances will remain the same for the next plan year.