Angela Boehm

  • My name is Angie Boehm and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist primarily working with Early Childhood Special Education, Co-taught Pre-K, and Kindergarten students at Global Arts Plus-Lower Campus.  Students who are eligible for speech/language services may receive support in small groups or in the classroom.  I work with students who have a variety of speech and language needs, including difficulties with:

    1. Producing speech sounds. 

    2. Vocabulary.

    3. Answering questions and recalling ideas from verbal or written information. 

    4. Remembering or understanding directions, details, or classroom routines. 

    5. Describing things, retelling stories, following or maintaining topic of conversation. 

    6. Producing fluent speech.  Difficulties may include; repeating sounds, repeating words, stopping in the middle of the words, or prolonging sounds. 

    7. Voice quality.  Difficulties may include using a voice that is too; loud, quiet, rough, or hoarse. 

    In addition, I work with students using a variety of augmentative systems to assist in communication across school settings. 

    Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding speech and language services.