Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

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    Soomaali: Haddii aad jeclaan lahayd inaad heshid warkan oo ku qoran Af-Soomaali, fadlan la xiriir iskuulkaaga.

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    Equal Opportunity/ Non-Discrimination Policy 
    SPPS does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, age, color, religion, ancestry, status with regard to public assistance, sexual or affectional orientation, familial status, or disability. Inquiries regarding our non-discrimination policies should be directed to 360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102 or call 651-767-8103.

    To report discrimination, harassment or other violations:

    • Of employees - contact Human Resources at 651-767-8200
    • Of students - first contact the principal of the school/program and call 651-767-8103 to report discrimination, including Title IX (sex discrimination) violations or violations of student human rights.

    Students with Disabilities
    Saint Paul Public School Resources

    • Special Education Department 651-767-8321
    • 504 Coordinator 651-767-8380

    Non-Saint Paul Public School Resources

    • MDE (MN Department of Education): 651-582-8200
    • PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition forEducation Rights): 952-838-9000

    School Ombudsperson

    • The SPPS ombudsperson helps students, parents, and community members resolve school issues if they are unable to reach satisfaction by working with school administrators and staff members. The ombudsperson can help with:
    • Negotiating a solution with a teacher or administrator
    • Communicating more effectively with a teacher or administrator
    • Understanding a school policy, regulation, or procedure
    • Connecting the person with the appropriate school district staff member or office
    • Gathering general information about the school district.

    Contact the Ombudsperson by calling 651-767-8394 or online at
    The rules and regulations regarding student behavior and discipline contained in this handbook are established to fulfill the Board of Education’s policies as stated in 506.01 and 506.02.

    This Handbook applies to incidents and situations that occur on any property owned or controlled by Saint Paul Public Schools or occurring in connection with any activity sponsored by or associated with the Saint Paul Public Schools (“SPPS”). This Handbook may also apply to incidents involving SPPS students if an unapproved connection or association to Saint Paul Public Schools or its staff is explicitly or implicitly stated or inferred (for example, hazing).

    This is a guide to student conduct. Adult staff members are held to high standards of behavior and are subject to all applicable laws, Board of Education policies, and human resources’ rules and practices.

    Note: Persons with visual impairments may request a copy of this booklet in an alternate format, such as large print, audio recording, computer disk, etc. Contact the Office of Community Relations at 651-767-8110.