School Counseling

  • Schedule:

    MONDAY:  Highland Park

    TUESDAY AM: Highland Park

    TUESDAY PM:  Horace Mann

    WEDNESDAY:  Horace Mann

    THURSDAY:  Highland Park

    FRIDAY:  Horace Mann 



    Classroom Lessons: I teach social/emotional and academic skills lessons in every classroom about once per month. Topics include: bullying prevention, calming stategies, skills for learning (focusing, listening), personal safety, 5th grade transition to Middle School, and much more!

    Small Groups: Parents or teachers can refer students for small group skills work. Small groups meet for 30 minutes per week, for about 8 weeks. Topics vary but may include: family change, emotional regulation, growth mindset, or friendship skills.

    Individual Skills Work: I meet with students one-on-one for a variety of reasons. Parents or teachers can refer students, or students can ask to see me on their own. Individual sessions might focus on worries, family change, making positive choices at school, or peer conflict. My individual work with students is not therapy, but it is confidential.  It is brief and solution-focused.