Steve Olson



Degrees and Certifications:

Steve Olson

I am a recent graduate in mathematics from the University of Minnesota with a mathematics teaching license from the University of St Thomas. I grew up in the area, just south of St Paul, in Eagan where I attended all of my primary and secondary schooling. I have always had a love of education and believe that every student has the potential to create a better world for each following generation.

I began teaching at Como Park Senior High in January 2017 and plan to teach here for many years to come as I absolutely love the community and believe that this group of students is on its way to great things. I have recently adopted the Math Team and started up a Table Tennis team as well and am looking forward to giving students a chance to participate and improve in both activities. Furthermore, I have been coaching the JV Girls Soccer Team and the Badminton Team.

  • Algebra 2:

    In the Algebra 2 course we cover mathematics ranging from linear equations to logarithmic functions and polynomials. Throughout the course we take a look at the relationships between many representations of various functions and find patterns in solving and evaluating a variety of problems.



    In the Analysis course here at Como, we look for a deeper understanding of the relationships between many different functions and representations of these mathematical concepts. We look at these topics through the lens of becoming prepared for an entry level college math course.