• Taxis to Transport Families to Title I Family Engagement Activities

    Account/Object Code: 6360

    Authorization: Annual authorization and monthly logs required


    Taxis are used to transport families to and from school related activities. These activities may be conferences, meetings, parent involvement events etc. The purpose of the taxi is to remove a barrier that prevents parents/guardians from full participation in the academic life of their student(s).

    Allowable Activities:

    Allowable activities directly support the parent's involvement in the academic education of their child and their involvement at the school. (i.e., Conferences, Parent Night, Site Council, IEP Meeting, Open House)

    Green/White/Suburban Cab Company are the only Title I preferred providers for Title I Schools.

    Authorized Users:

    • Each school/building has a unique user code. Please protect this number as Title I or the school is responsible for every trip charged to this account number. Never give the account number to a parent or community person or another staff person other than the authorized persons provided to Title I.
    • Each authorized user (the principal and two others) will each be given a personal identification code. This code must be entered into the online Title I cab log each time an event occurs. Do not use your personal district ID number.


    Taxis may be used when there is no other means of transportation available (last resort). This understanding is important because at certain times of the day or month, the number of cabs available may be limited.

    Taxis cabs may not be used to transport students to and from school, to the doctor, or for any reason due to their inability to get to school during the day. Taxi cabs are to be used to facilitate the participation of parents in their children’s education.

    1. For each cab order (pickup and return), complete the Online Title I Taxi Monthly Log. We are billed monthly and must match each Green/White/Suburban Cab Company “trip ticket” with the information from the Online Title I Monthly Logs.
    2. Each entry must be made at the time of request. Taxi cab reports are pulled by the Title I office on the first work day of the following month. Cab entries not documented by that date will not be paid by Title I. Those charges will be assigned to the school’s general fund.
    3. Only authorized persons at the school will be able to order taxi cabs and enter taxi cab events into the system.
    4. Title I will pull the monthly taxi cab reports on the first day of each month. Undocumented taxicab events will be the responsibility of the school.

    Procedures for Ordering A Taxi Cab (if you have funds budgeted in Title I):

    • The most effective way to schedule a taxi for an event is through stpaulschools@transmgmtcorp.com. This is Transportation Management Corporation's email portal made specifically for SPPS. Orders created through email ensures the best level of service and receptiveness. 
    • If there is a need to order a Taxi immediately, orders may also be made through their 24 hour fax line.

      • Fax Number: 651-646-7680
      • Phone Number: 651-646-7680

    • Needed Information when Ordering Taxi:Contact Barbra White if you don't have these codes (651-632-3783).
      • SPPS Title I Account Number:
      • Personal Authorization ID:
      • Pick-up and Drop-off Address
      • Pick-up Time:
      • Return Time: You can specify a return time for (return pick-up) or that you will call the taxi cab company when the passenger is ready to leave.
    • If a taxi is called for a family and they no longer need the cab, it is the school’s responsibility to notify the cab company. There is a charge to the schools for an unused taxi. When there’s a “No Load”, the charge is $10 to be paid by the school.
    • Provide families with contact information should any problems be encountered.
    • For any questions or concerns you may have, the go-to contact person at Transportation Management is Steve Voelker at 651-214-4374.

    Taxi Cab Documentation Procedures:

    Enter each separate taxicab ride as a separate entery.

    1. If you have not already done so, login to your SPPS Google Account. 
      If you don't know your password you can submit a Service Desk Ticket or contact Technology Services at 603-HELP (4357) and request that it be reset.
    2. Click add cab request on the center of the web page.
    3. Enter the pick-up date and time.
    4. Enter the passenger's name (Adult).
    5. Enter the associated student (Student).
    6. Select Suburban/Green & White/Diamond.
    7. Enter pick-up address and destination address. You will have an option to enter return trip information at the bottom of the form, if necessary.
    8. Select an event code.
    9. Save for single trip entry.  Or select the appropriate button to enter the type of return trip, change the pick-up time; select Submit.
    10. Log out after all cab trips have been entered.
  • Taxi

    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Family Nights
    • IEP Meetings
    • Site Council
    • Parent Meetings
    • Open House
    • School Event
    • Discipline
    • Enrollment
    • Sick Child
      Missed Bus
    • Dr. Appointment
    • Transport Student