About Mrs. Thao

Phone: 651-744-3505


Degrees and Certifications:

K-12 English As a Second Language University of St. Thomas

About Mrs. Thao

ELL Teacher 2nd Grade & 3rd Grade

 Hello and welcome to Highwood Hills!  My name is Ms.Thao. I am the English Language Learner teacher for 2nd and 3rd Grade. I love Highwood Hills because of the students. I love our students’ energy and motivation for learning with their families’ support for education. I love that our students come from many different cultures.  I am glad to be a part of a diverse school. 

 A little about me...recently I graduated from St. Thomas University with my K-12 English as a Second Language degree. Before I came to Highwood Hills Elementary School, I worked at Phalen Lake Elementary School in the dual language classrooms.  It's with greatness to be a part of education in today’s society in helping children succeed in their academic achievement. I love to see children grow in school and second language acquisition learning. In ELL, our goal is to focus on speaking and writing. We will continue to read and develop our listening skills. Please call if you shall have any questions about your child's learning. Children are in small groups for ELL services. Feel free to observe and visit during your child's time with me.  I am available via email at klee.thao@spps.org or a phone call.