AVID: "We're College Bound!"

students at U of M
  • Field trip to University of Minnesota Twin Cities

    AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. 

    The AVID Program is designed to offer an elective class to students who would like to prepare for a college education.  Students who choose the AVID program are expected to show exemplary citizenship, good attendance, keep a G.P.A. above 2.0, and be motivated to work toward college eligibility. Currently at BCMS, AVID is running at fullcapacity and has an enrollment of 20 students. 

    In middle school, our objective is to prepare BCMS students to succeed incollege preparatory high school classes. The AVID team teachers, the college tutors and the school site team provide the required support for these students who might not otherwise aspire to go to college.

    AVID is part of a series of college prep courses currently being taught in the Saint Paul Schools. Through AVID lessons and tutorials, students improve their critical thinking skills, reading comprehension and written communication. In AVID study groups, students develop theacademic ability to help and be helped by their peers.

    Mrs. Funk, a former AVID elective teacher and coordinator, said "It is never to early to prepare for the rigors of college. Our students arelearning to make academic plans that they can realistically followthrough with as well as learning to make those important decisions thatwill guide them through their academic life."


    In this class, students will:

        Learn how to use a binder and agenda to organize school work

                         Learn reading, writing and test preparation skills

        Learn how to work with other students
                Learn how to ask higher-level questions (Level 2, Level 3)

                        Learn how to take Cornell Notes

                        Learn public speaking and accountable talk skills

                        Learn how to begin preparing for college through research, college visits, and guest speakers

                        Learn how to think critically about problems and issues we face


    Homework Policy

    Students will have homework in my class at least two nights each week on Monday and Wednesday in preparation for AVID tutorials on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They need to complete their TRF (Tutorial Request Form) every Monday and Wednesday. We have binder checks on Mondays. They should ask for a parent/guardian signature in their planner over the weekend. When students are absent from school, they are responsible for asking me for the work that they missed and doing it as homework.