Welcome to Our Restorative Center: Room 2102

  • You have the power to make today great.
    Your positive energy is contagious and makes all the difference in a child’s day.

    Our Restorative Center is used throughout the day for a place to check-in, to refresh and renew, to reset, to restore for students, staff, families and community. Robin King, our Coordinator is available throughout the day in our Center and also throughout the building to staff and support students as we implement Restorative Practices as an Eastern Heights Learning Community.

    As a whole building we are implementing daily Community Building Circles in every classroom as we begin and end our day together in circles and building our Restorative Impulse as we respond to each day.

    As a whole staff we are implementing Restorative Chats and Conversations with our students as well as each other to address challenges and immediate conflicts as they arise. 

    Robin King and Julia Mullan partner with other trained staff to conduct Restorative Conferences, Content Circles to learn, Problem Solving Circles, and Circles to Repair Harm for students and families as well as partnering with the Legal Rights Center for Family Group Conferencing.

    Robin King is also providing professional development and coaching support daily, weekly and through individual coaching to our entire staff as we move through our Exploration and Early Implementation phases of Restorative Practice.

    Closely tied to our Restorative Practices is our collaboration work with No Bully. Our Center is a space in which to hold Solution Team meetings with the guidance of our Solution Teams Coaches (Robin King, Julia Mullan, Nick Revak, Angie Wroblewski, Liv Roque- Conrad, Rikki Mohlenhoff and Thomas Kendrick .


Impulse- A Restorative Journey Blog

  • Reading in Circle; deepening our connections to literature, ourselves, and each other

    Posted by Robin King on 9/23/2019 6:00:00 AM

    What a week! I have been so fortunate to have accepted invitations to read aloud in some of our Reading circles! What joy to take a few moments to breathe with our young, to settle into their circle, to read a book connected to their learning about themselves, our community, how literature works and to share our voices in that circle. The beauty of the circle is being able to see and hear each person as they respond, to have the gift of listening as each person holds the talking piece, as an educator to notice each student’s response and to make little notes about what they might need to grow in their learning. 

    Friday I sat with family members of students! We came together in community building, shared core values and the beauty of our families. Together we created a space in which families felt comfortable to engage and share, and have a community conversation around essential topics for families. They are looking forward to upcoming circles and learning as a part of a greater community.

    I am looking forward to the rest of my invitations to read with classes, as well as having more opportunities this week to engage in Restorative appreciative interviews with our newer staff members.

    Have a Refreshing and Restorative week!

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  • Circling Forward

    Posted by Robin King on 9/16/2019 6:00:00 AM

    I am so excited to be able to sit with our new staff to reflect on joining our restorative journey! I am looking forward to scheduling with each staff member by the end of September. I am also excited to be joining Readers Workshop Circles and to read aloud teachers’ choices for intentionally teaching Social Emotional Learning competencies. This week our goals are to: 

    • Continue to build stamina with mindfulness.
    • Continue to build stamina with circles.
    • Continue to practice routines and rituals.
    • Experience values and guidelines coming to life! 
    • Continue to build Gratitude Practice and create gratitude journals.
    • Discuss and revise Relaxation Stations.
    • Don’t forget to develop a favorites list of classroom games!

    Our classrooms are focusing during their circles on INCLUDING OTHERS! Not just in the morning but during our academic circles as well. I look forward to hearing how everyone is spinning their creative web of embedding SEL into the day! By the end of the week each child will have enough gratitude journals, to last the year! What fun it will be to see their growth in understanding and ability to express gratitude as the year progresses!

    I appreciate the energy in the building and will continue to schedule in and pop into classes. 

    As always reach out for support!

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