Literacy/Social Studies Alignment

  • The CEC is partnering with SPPS Social Studies and Elementary Literacy Departments to develop a data base of high quality children's literature that represent diverse groups of people, and connect grade level social studies topics with literacy instruction. They are intended to be used on Day One of the Mondo cycle as a read aloud that also provides an entry point into social studies content and writers workshop topics. At this point we have books suggested for grades 2-5.

    The following data bases are intended to be works in progress - most of the books have been vetted by SPPS teachers, but there are always multiple perspectives that may not have been considered. There are always great new children's literatrue books being published as well!

    All of the following books can be checked out from the CEC by filling out our resource request form. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions for new books, please contact us at


    Grade 2 

    Grade 3

    Grade 4

    Grade 5