John LeCompte

Phone: 651 293 8800


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in physics and geography MA in education 7-12 Physical Science Teaching Credential

John LeCompte

   I teach physical science at Como Senior High.  Physical Science is the 9th grade introductory science class that covers beginning physics and chemistry.   Current grades for students in my classes can be found in Schoology. 

   I was born and grew up in Delaware on the east coast of the United States.  Prior to becoming a science teacher I was a research meteorologist studying weather modification in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.  I have taught science in California, Oregon, Nebraska, and Minnesota.  I live in Saint Paul and enjoy gardening, cooking, and bicycling.  I am married to Rev. Theresa Mason and we have two children.

   I received a B.A. in physics and geography from the University of Delaware, studied Atmospheric Science at Colorado State Univiersity, and earned a M.A. in education from Hamline University.


9th Grade Physical Science Syllabus 2018­/2019

Grading: Students will earn their grades based on tests, quizzes, assignments, and labs.

A = 90­-100% Excellent Performance

B = 80­-89% Good Performance

C = 70­-79% Average Performance

D = 60­-69% Low Performance

N = <60% Failure to meet expectations

Materials: You will need the following for class.

  1. A charged IPad.
  2. A pencil or pen.

Books: Your Ipad is your physical science book.

Grades and Assignments: Grades and assignments are in schoology.

Eating and Drinking: NO WAY!! This is a science classroom. We will be using chemicals that can easily get in your food or drink.

Start of Class: The first 5 minutes of every day will begin the same. Students are expected to come in, sit down, and complete a beginning assignment.

Absences: Absences are the quickest way to fail a science class. I accept late work, but labs need to be made up within one week because we can’t keep materials out for long periods of time. If you are absent for an extended period because of an illness I will make arrangements for you to make up missed work. I am here before school for making up assignments.

Cheating: DON’T!! Read your planner for the consequences. Unless I assign a group project and you are turning in one paper for you group, all assignments need to be your own work in your own words. Copying is cheating, even if you are working together with materials.