Student Choice in Our Middle School Libraries

  • We are excited to announce that SPPS is piloting the “Student Choice Reading Program,” which gives students an active role in curating the library’s collection and building their own reading life.


    The Student Choice Reading Program 

    • What: Middle school students will be reading books they select and writing a book review or creating a book review video based on guidelines taught in their ELA or reading classes. For every book students read and review, they will be able to select a new book to add to their school’s library collection (up to a maximum of four books per student).  A recognition sticker will be placed inside the new book with the student’s name. As an added incentive, schools will also be able to select makerspace kits for every 50 books reviewed by students.
    • Who: All students in grades 6-8 at Battle Creek Middle School, Creative Arts Secondary School, Farnsworth Aerospace Upper, Highland Middle School, Humboldt Secondary School, Murray Middle School, Open World Learning, and Ramsey Middle School.
    • When: The pilot program will run January 1st-June 12th, 2017.  
    • Where: In the school libraries and classrooms of the eight participating middle schools, as well as in student homes. All reviews will be shared online through the libraries' online catalog system and Schoology groups, giving students access to book recommendations from their peers at any time and place. 
    • Why: Reviewing a book helps students learn critical reading analysis and writing skills. All reviews will be shared with other students at their school to help others find engaging books to read. This project will also increase student access to more, newer, and student-selected resources in their middle school libraries and increase student engagement with their school library. Increasing middle school student engagement with their school library will help them build a reading life during a critical transition in their academic journey. Fostering a love of reading during these transition years will ultimately increase reading proficiency and academic achievement for students during middle school and beyond. 


    Want to participate? Find a book to read at your school library.

    The SPPS Middle School Student Choice Reading Program is made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Department of Education through a Library Services and Technology Act [LS-00-16-0024-16] grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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