Welcome to Hamline*

A colorful photo showing the front entrance of Hamline Elementary School with sidewalks brightly colored in chalk messages.
  • You'll learn a lot about Hamline Elementary on this site - it's a great introduction to the people, programs, and partnerships that make us one-of-a-kind in Saint Paul. A visit to Hamline Elementary tells the rest of the story. 

    The rest of the story is the vibe, the feeling you get when you walk through the building, seeing what teaching and learning look like in classrooms, observing how staff and students interact with one another, imagining how your child fits into the environment. A visit allows you to get answers to your questions in realtime from Hamline staff and current families and leave the building with a folder full of information to add to your visiting experience. A visit is the beginning of a conversation - one that can continue after you leave when you call back to say, "I thought of another question." We love that because we know choosing a school is a big step for any child and their family, and we want you to have all the information you need to feel good about your decision.

    Visits typically last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes but can easily be modified to fit your schedule. Children are always welcome to visit with their families and our Family Room is open before, during, and after a visit to relax and unwind or draw pictures and play.

    To arrange a visit, please call the school at 651-293-8715.

    Or email Karen McCauley: karen.mccauley@spps.org 

    Extended Visits

    For families who wish to spend an extended time observing a classroom, with or without their student, we'll work with you and the grade level team(s) you wish to observe and find a day and time that works best. 

    For families with specific questions for our special education or English language learning (ELL) staff, we'll do our best to arrange a time to meet with these folks before or after your school visit or if necessary, schedule a separate meeting.

    *Safety protocols for tours and visits may be modified depending upon recommendations from SPPS and the CDC. Masks are required in all SPPS facilities.

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