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Murray Middle School: #Dare2DoIt

A Poem by Kiah

  • A Poem by Kiah

    Being a citizen is truly being compassionate, making mistakes and not just saying it was an accident.

    But showing that we are sorry and that we really care. Because if we can't show this to the people we love, then how can we expect to make it out there?

    We should show the world that we can be different. No, not just through race, but               through our personal significance. Because even now, people are screaming to be equal, but still choose to use power to commit the evil.

    Power- the ability to do something or act in a particular way. We should all fight with power, instead of putting our nation down, and pushing them away.

    Dignity - Being worthy of honor or respect in it's quality. Then some just sit back and look at the not so perfect imagery. Of what had happened; present,past. We need to all show love,and stand up together; at last.

    But right now it's not happening, that's why we have to make it happen. Because if we   don't, justice is not served, and then it's dislikes and hatred that we're trapped in.

    Through love, and through hate. Through being hurt, through being scared. If we all come together as one to fight; tell me, would you DARE TO BE THERE?

A Poem by Jude

  • A Poem by Jude:

    It is not a person
    It is not a thing
    It is an act of citizenship, showing our human dignity
    It is the love and peace that we share around the world
    It is the justice
    It is our advocation
    we dare you
    to do it