Kimberley Nichols

  • Kimberley Nichols This is my second year at Harding and I love the students and the staff! I have taught at the School of Environmental Studies, Bloomington Kennedy, Eden Prairie High School, and Lakeville South High School before Harding. I have been a math and AVID teacher (10th and 11th elective classes) and this year I am teaching Geometry for ELL students and starting the IB Career Path class - Personal and Professional Skills. I am looking forward to working more with the IB program. I have my master’s degree in TESOL and am working on my doctorate in organizational leadership k-12. I love to garden, read, travel, run and spend time with friends and family. I have four adult children and I am also a piano studio owner/teacher in Burnsville. I spent last summer teaching English in Poland for a month with my daughter Laura, who is also an IB 5th grade teacher. I will be teaching summer school at Harding this summer and heading back to teach in Europe again next year.

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  • 10th grade Content Acceleration

    ELL Geometry

    IB CP Personal and Professional Skills