Office of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships (OFECP)

  • Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) mission is to inspire students to think critically, pursue their dreams and change the world. This involves support from families, staff, partner organizations and community members.

    The Office of Family Engagement & Community Partnerships (OFECP) works to build and sustain this support by offering the following program areas:

    • District wide Parent Advisory Councils (PACs)
    • Parent Academy Program (six-week district wide) 
    • Family & Public Engagement
    • Community Partnerships 
    • Community Outreach opportunities 
    • Ombudsperson and Title IX services
    • Parent Academy (PA) and Children's Learning Academy (CLA)
  • Advisory Councils

    Parent Advisory Councils 

    Saint Paul Public Schools works with Parent Advisory Councils, or PACs for families and community members to advise district staff. 

  • Advisory Councils

    Community Partnerships 

    Saint Paul Public Schools works in partnership with many different organizations. We work to make these partnerships mutually beneficial relationships with the primary goal of improving student success.

  • Family Liaisons

    Family Liaisons 

    Many schools have "family liaisons" -- sometimes called parent coordinators, cultural specialists, or project coordinators -- dedicated to working with families.


  • Ombudsperson

    The SPPS Ombudsperson listens to and investigates complaints against Saint Paul Public Schools, its programs, offices and staff.

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