Xib Fwb Paaj Sua Vaj                        Xib Fwb Paj Huab Hawj


    Pre-K is so much fun!!

    Welcome to Pre-K ! This is where it begins for the youngest learners. Pre-Kindergarten helps children develop school readiness skills.  We also work on  learning classroom rituals and routines. A rigorous schedule, focused on early literacy and math skills, prepares students for success in Kindergarten. 

    Our day includes opportunities for self-directed learning, direct instruction in whole and small group settings, and activities to explore new topics and  build foundational knowledge.  We work on developing concept-knowledge, teaching academic language and encouraging social language development.

    We are using an Early Childhood Learning Model that includes the following components:  Ease Into the Day, Meeting Time, Active Learning, Small Group Instruction, and Regroup to Revisit.  Each component is designed to engage students through stories, hands-on experiences, music, art, guided instruction, social-emotional learning activities, and independent exploration time.

    Students are encouraged to become involved in their learning and independent in their daily routines. We are an all-day program, including breakfast, lunch, recess, and rest time.

    Zoo sab tos txais Pre-K! Pre-K yog qho chaw tsua peb cov miv nyuas miv miv txuj kev kawm pib.

    Kids playing





  • Daily Schedule:  Xib Fwb Paj Huab Hawj

    9:15-9:55/ Ease Into the Day:  Breakfast, Sign-In, Puzzles/Quiet Activities

    9:55-10:45/ Enrichment 

    10:45-Meeting: Literacy focus

    8:25- Active Learning: Literacy focus

    9:35- Enrichment

    10:30- Recess

    11:00- Lunch

    11:35- Rest time

    12:05- Independent Reading

    12:20- Active Learning: Math focus

    1:20- Regroup to Revisit

    1:48- Dismissal


                        Xib Fwb Paaj Sua    Room #1208

    7:10- Buses/Drop-off arrivals begin, Breakfast

    8:00- Sign-in and Ease Into The Day

    8:15- 8:30- Morning Meeting

    8:30- 9:00- Literacy Small Groups

    8: 30- 9:15- Active Learning

    9:20- 9:30- Bathroom Break

    9: 35- 10:25- Enrichment Specialist

    10:30- 11:00- Recess

    11:00-11:30- Lunch

    11:30- 12:15- Rest Time

    12:15- 12:30- Bathroom Break

    12:30- 1:15- Active Learning

    12:40- 1:00- Math Small Groups

    1:15- 1:30- Regroup and Revisit

    1:55- Pack-up

    2:00- Dismissal