Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Focus: Positive School and District Culture

    Objective 1

    Create inclusive school cultures where students are supported to show up as their full selves and thrive as individual learners in a global society

    Strategic Initiatives

    1a. Implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) at every school, integrating social-emotional learning support (Phase 1)

    1b. Ensure every school and district office is friendly and welcoming

    1c. Expand opportunities for student voice


    Objective 2

    Create a mission-driven culture where staff are supported to thrive and deliver exceptional outcomes Initiative

    Strategic Initiatives

    2a. Improve culture by using input from students, staff and families (Phase 1)

    2b. Improve process for employee talent development

    2c. Recruit and retain more employees who look like our students


    Strategic Focus: Effective and Culturally Relevant Instruction

    Objective 3

    Increase our capacity to meet the instructional needs of each learner

    Strategic Initiatives

    3a. Implement culturally relevant practices within all student learning and programming (Phase 1)

    3b. Ensure all students have access to a well-rounded education (Phase 1)

    3c. Establish a formal instructional leadership program for educators


    Objective 4

    Eliminate barriers to learning among a racially, culturally and linguistically diverse population

    Strategic Initiative 

    4a. Identify and restructure systems that reinforce academic disparities among student groups


    Strategic Focus: Program Evaluation and Resource Allocation

    Objective 5

    Start, stop, or sustain practices based on their effectiveness and alignment to the strategic plan

    Strategic Initiatives

    5a. Implement a system for assessing program effectiveness (Phase 1)

    5b. Determine a districtwide middle school model (Phase 1)

    5c. Allocate resources more strategically


    Strategic Focus: College and Career Paths

    Objective 6

    Increase opportunities for students to envision a future, explore careers and prepare academically for further education, work and life.

    Strategic Initiative

    6a. Create career-related curriculum and personal learning plans for all PreK-12 students (Phase 1)


    Objective 7

    Provide career-focused, hands-on opportunities for all middle and high school students.

    Strategic Initiatives  

    7a. Strengthen partnerships that provide college credit, industry certification and job experience to secondary students (Phase 1)

    7b. Expand high-quality instruction in targeted career fields


    Strategic Focus: Family and Community Engagement

    Objective 8

    Improve stakeholder engagement in district level decisions

    Strategic Initiative  

    9a. Identify ways to engage the community in district decisions and initiatives (Phase 1)


    Objective 9

    Strengthen the value and maximize effective partnerships

    Strategic Initiative

    9a. Review and revise relationships with external organizations to better meet student needs (Phase 1)


    Objective 10

    Transform school-family engagement to support student success

    Strategic Initiatives  

    10a. Renew schools as hubs that bring together educators, families and community

    10b. Create family and community programs that support students at key points in their personal and academic development

Long-term Student Outcomes

  • Long-term student outcomes are key areas of achievement we want to improve in order to raise the performance of all students:

    • Decrease disparities in achievement based on race, ethnicity, culture and identity
    • Increase achievement of English Learners
    • Increase achievement of students receiving special education services
    • Improve kindergarten readiness
    • Increase academic growth in reading and math for all students
    • Prepare all graduates for college, career and life

Strategic Focus Areas

  • While the long-term outcomes are what we want to see for our students, the following strategic focus areas are what we need to do as a district to bring about that change. The strategic focus areas include:

    • Positive school and district culture
      • Create a shared sense of community to build trust and collaboration within and outside our schools.
    • Effective and culturally relevant instruction
      • Provide instruction in ways that are relevant to each student so they stay engaged and feel valued in the classroom.
    • Program evaluation and resource allocation
      • Evaluate effectiveness of current programs and make informed adjustments and investments.
    • College and career paths
      • Expose students to more college and career opportunities while in high school, including the ability to earn college credit, certifications and internships.
    • Family and community engagement
      • Ensure equitable access to families so they can navigate the school system and the wealth of programs it offers.


    • Strategic plan – A strategic plan sets goals for achievement, helps guide decision-making and allocates resources to accomplish those goals.
    • Long-term student outcomes Key areas of student achievement we want to improve, which will raise the performance of the entire district.
    • Strategic focus areas – A list of priorities that must be addressed to accomplish the student outcomes and to guide the strategic initiatives.
    • Strategic initiatives – The work we must do to make a difference in student learning and achievement. These initiatives will be an important part of the strategic plan and will support each focus area.