Community Input Sessions

  • Community input may lead to changes in the draft student outcomes and strategic focus areas. Your feedback is critical in helping guide further development of the strategic plan. We will keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge your concerns, and provide feedback on how public input influenced the plan.

    Two community input sessions were held Wednesday, March 21. 

    Wednesday, March 21, 2018
    4-5:30 p.m.
    Harding Senior High | 1540 E. Sixth St.

    Wednesday, March 21, 2018
    6-7:30 p.m.
    Harding Senior High | 1540 E. Sixth St.

Student Input Session

  • The Student Engagement and Advancement Board (SEAB) held an input session for all students.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2018
    4-5 p.m.
    SPPS Administration Building | 360 S. Colborne St.

Small Group Input Sessions

  • The Office of Family Engagement and Community Partnerships is conducting several small group input sessions to gather feedback from diverse communities. The following groups are holding input sessions for their organization. 

    • Bilingual educational assistants (EAs)
    • District departments 
    • Advocates for Well Rounded Education
    • Students (sponsored by SEAB)
    • Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS)/Saint Paul Federation of Teachers (SPFT) Integration Task Force
    • Ramsey Middle School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)
    • Authorized community partners 
    • School family liaisons
    • The African American Leadership Council (AALC)
    • All district Parent Advisory Councils (PACs)
      • Districtwide Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)
      • Hmong PAC (HPAC)
      • Karen PAC (KPAC)
      • Somali PAC (SPAC)
      • Latino Consent Decree (LCD)
      • American Indian Parent Committee
      • Parents of African American Students Adv Council (PAASAC)
      • Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)
      • Gender and Sexual Diversity PAC
    • Frogtown Parent Group
    • Coalition of Asian American Leaders (with Hmong PAC and Karen PAC)
    • West Siders for Strong Schools
    • Unaffiliated parent group (Midway neighborhood)
    • Parent and Community Engagement Committee (EXPO Elementary)
    • Saint Paul Children's Collaborative Board
    • Hamline Elementary community
    • Generation Next 
    • Lutheran Social Service
    • Gender and Sexual Diversity PAC community meeting
    • Sprockets
      Somali PAC community meeting