Welcome to the Saint Paul Public Schools Human Resources Department

  • The Human Resources Department serves more than 7,000 Saint Paul Public Schools employees, substitute teachers, prospective employees and dedicated individuals working on behalf of Saint Paul students. It is our mission to provide strategic Human Resource services for organizational excellence in Saint Paul Public Schools toward the creation of a premiere education for all. To do this, we:

    Recruit, hire, retain and promote a diverse workforce;

    • Partner with organizational leaders to make informed decisions that benefit the organization;
    • Promote collaborative relationships with key stakeholders; and
    • Foster a safe, welcoming, respectful and inclusive workplace.

    Saint Paul Public Schools utilizes an online application system.  Click the link below for more information.

    It is our vision to support schools and to provide valuable human resource services in a professional, effective and customer focused (inclusive) manner.

    Saint Paul Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity employer and strongly supports diversity and an inclusive workplace.



  • St Paul Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, age, color, religion, ancestry, status with respect to public assistance, sexual or affectional orientation, or disability.


  • SUTR is an innovative, graduate-level, yearlong teacher residency program developed in partnership between Saint Paul Public Schools and the University of St. Thomas (UST).  Residents will earn a master's degree and a teaching license from UST.  The residency program aims to recruit, prepare and retain effective teachers from underrepresented backgrounds who reflect our diverse student population in Saint Paul Public Schools.  

    For more information please visit the SUTR website.

    *Pending the submission and requisite review and approval of the University of St. Thomas programs by the Minnesota Board of Teaching.