Helpful Links

  • These links are in no particular order.

    1. Right Track is a program in Saint Paul that gives students work and a chance to learn job skills.
    2. Genesys Works is an internship program to help students earn credit, work on employment skills and networking. 
    3. The Apple Store
    4. Dunwoody College of Technology.  Dunwoody provides faculty members as presenters to our career day sessions.
    5. Microsoft Virtual Academy is a website devoted to assisting people to learn computer programming.
    6. Code Wars is a free site that teaches people computer coding skills.
    7. Code Academy a free site that teaches people computer coding skills.
    8. You can learn many different programming languages at W3Schools.
    9. To learn about databases and get a free book, go to O'Reilly Graph Databases.
    10. Woordle is a tool for generating word clouds.
    11. John Swain Foundation. John Swain was a career day presenter. The foundation runs programs for athletic success and scholarships, as well as a program to help students prepare for sucess.
    12. Renaissance Learning.  Accelerated Math.