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  • Kristy PierceCultural Specialist and Donnell GibsonBehavior Intervention Specialist are both part of the Student Support Team at Como Park Senior High School. They work closely with counselors, social workers, faculty, and parents/guardians to provide social/emotional support and life coaching to students who find themselves struggling during some of life’s most challenging times. They use real-life, professional experiences and resources to help guide students through difficult times.

    Ms. Pierce and Mr. D are also restorative justice practitioners and use restorative principles to help resolve issues between peers and/or adults. This restorative approach aids in healing harm that has been caused. Students can choose to see Ms. Pierce or Mr. D on their own, or on a referral basis.

    The Student Support Team also provides guidance to teachers, families, and administration seeking answers to sometimes difficult questions relating to building relationships and student behaviors.

    Montrell Williams and Officer Toy Vixavong are also part of this important team. They provide support, mentorship and are tremendous role models for our students at CPHS. 


    Kristy Pierce, Behavioral Specialist



    I'm a product of St. Paul Public Schools and an alumni of St. Paul Central. I have two grown children and one 3-year old granddaughter who's the light of my life.

    I've been working in education for more than 20 years and have loved every minute that I get to work with our nation's greatest natural resource ... our children. 

    My favorite quote is one that I live by, "Look beyond what you see and maybe you'll see what's really there."


    DG   Donnell Gibson  

    Donnell Gibson, Behavioral Specialist





    Montrell Williams, Community Ambassador



    Toy Vixayvong, Student Resource Officer


    How long have you worked as a police officer in St. Paul?
    I have been a police officer in St. Paul since 2001.

    Why did you want to be an SRO?
    I find working with students and being a mentor rewarding. I get to know students on a personal basis -- who the students really are and their background.

    What’s the best part of your job?
    Being able to interact with students, as well as staff members, and provide the school with a sense of security.

    For more information about the SRO program at St. Paul Public Schools, please follow this link.