• Saturday, May 19, 2018

    JJ Hill Library

    7-10:30  Masquerade Ball

    7-7:30  Grand March at the main door

    8:00  Doors close, absolutely no entry after

    80 W 4th St, St Paul, MN 55102

    Ticket Sales May 14-18
    Before and After School in Room #1417***
    Cost: $40.00 per Ticket, $75 for 2 tickets

    ***No tickets will be sold during classes. A guest slip/CIF number must be provided for each ticket purchased.

    Prom Ticket Purchase Form

    Prom Guest Slip Contract

    If you have any questions about Prom, please contact Ms.Somerville at, 651-744-2078

    2018 Prom Information

    1. Who is allowed to go to Prom? 

    Juniors and Seniors and their one guest (age 20 years or younger).

    2. How much does Prom cost? 

    Each ticket is $40.00.

    If you are buying 2 tickets, the cost is $75.00.

    3. When can I buy the ticket? 

    The week before Prom (May 14-18) in Room 1417, before school (7-7:25) or after school (2-2:30). NOT during classes.

    Make arrangements to get them that week and before or after school.

    4. What do I need when I buy tickets? 

    The money and each person’s first name, last name and the CIF number for any Como High School students.

    Anyone can buy your ticket(s) for you if they have the proper information. No CIF number = No ticket.

    5. What do I need to do to buy a ticket for my non-CPSHS guest? 

    You need to have a guest slip fully filled out when you buy the ticket.

    No guest slip = No ticket for a non-Como student.

    You can pick them up outside of Room 1417 or download one above.

    6. *What about the Grand March?

    The Grand March is at the library at 7 at the main door.

    People can come in to take your picture inside but need to leave immediately after.

    7. **Will I be able to get in past 8 ?


    8. What do I need to bring with me for the Dance?

    You must have your ticket to get into the dance.

    NO ticket = No Entry. You can NOT buy tickets at the dance. 

    9. Can I leave the dance and then get back in?

    No, once you leave the dance you can not come back in.

    10. Where can I leave my coat, purse, bag, etc?

    There will be somewhere to hang your coat. Absolutely, no BACK PACKS.

    11. What about pictures?

    We will have a photo booth.

    12. What about parking?

    Please bring money to pay for parking.

    You can use street parking around the library, or you can park in the following ramps: Science Museum, Kellogg underground parking, or Landmark.

    Car pool! Getting a ride is a great idea as well.

    13. What about food?

    There will be appetizers at the Prom, but please eat before so you are not hungry!