2017-2018 yearbook

Harding Yearbook

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    2018-2019 Information

    School Pictures will be October 31st 2018

    Retakes will be November 28th 2018

    Pictures will be taken by Lifetouch 


    Students ID's

    All Students should get their pictures taken EACH school year.  Students who get their pictures taken will get a ONE (1) FREE student ID.  If a students does not get their picture taken in the current school year there will be NO ID made for the student.  Lifetouch only can make ID's for students who get their picture taken.  If the student loses their ID and had their picture taken,  students can order and purchase new ID for $5.00.  It usually take 2-3 weeks for a replacement ID to arrive.  ID's can be ordered in room 1242. May 1st is the last day students are able to order ID's until the next school year photo's are taken. 


    Senior Portraits are Due: November 30th 2018 MIDNIGHT NO EXCEPTIONS!!

    Senior BABY PICTURES, Quotes, Future Goal, & Important Adult is Due: November 30th 2018 MIDNIGHT NO EXCEPTIONS!!

    • Baby pictures should be age 5 or younger 

    Senior Portrait Requirements:

    Senior students who wish to not use a professional photographer can get their pictures taken on October 31 or November 28th and that image will appear in the yearbook. Students using a professional photographer photos MUST meet the requirement below order for the yearbook staff to be able to get them in the yearbook.  You should share the following information with your photographer: 

    • Yearbook will only accept Portrait style shots only
    • No landscape style images accepted
    • Images Minimum 2.5 horizontally X 3.5 Vertically
    • Image resolution: 300 dpi
    • JPEG file ONLY  (no PNG or TIff's)
    • Portraits need to be waist/chest up 
    • No full body portraits excepted
    • The Senior is the ONLY one in the image
    • Seniors face must be a full face shot (no side or partical profile)
    • Hajis are allowed and aceptable 
    • No hats
    • No sun glasses
    • No props
    • No hands near the face
    • No snapchat filters or other filters added to the image
    • No selfies
    • No friends, children, significate other in the photo 

    Failure to submit your senior portrait (done by professional photographer) by NOVEMBER 30th at midnight will result in rejection of late photos or no photo in the yearbook if picture is not taken with Lifetouch. This also means senior quotes, future goal, and important person will NOT be accepted after DECEMBER 20th at midnight. The yearbook staff will not accept late submissions. MUST email photo to hardingyearbook1819@gmail.com, please include first and last name and CIF. 

    Yearbook staff reserve the right to edit or ask for a different photo to be submitted IF time allows and photo does not meet the above requirements.

    If you have questions please call or email:

    Teresa Holmes Yearbook Advisor 



    School Number: 651-744-3203