Early Care and Education (ECE) Partnerships

  • SPPS Office of Early Learning partners with Early Care and Education (ECE) Providers to reach children and families at a range of ages, in a range of settings, prior to entering kindergarten. Through these partnerships, our Partnerships Coordinators aim to develop relationships with families of young children at their early stages and support them with resources, experiences and tools as children develop. 

    ECE partnerships allow SPPS to engage with children and families within the communities where they reside. These partner opportunities are designed to support children's stages of development and early transitions, including their transition and adjustment to kindergarten. The outcomes of partnership are many and include shared learning, awareness of district resources and navigation, familiarity of culturally specific adult-child interaction and child-rearing practices. 

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    Levels of ECE Partnerships

    SPPS partnerships range in depth, time, and commitment, so partners can experience the right fit for them. We offer three levels of partnerships:  Levels 1, 2, and 3... 

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    Partner Incentives

    Being our partner has its perks! Our ECE partners benefit from our relationships with others in the early learning field...

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    Dr. Nikole T. Logan
    Supervisor, Pre-K Family Engagement and Community Partnerships