North Star Accountability System Gives SPPS Tools to Analyze and Enhance Achievement for Students

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  • North Star, the state's school accountability system, analyzes student Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test score data, compares academic achievement from one year to the next and considers attendance in evaluating a schools performance. It also measures progress toward English language proficiency and evaluates each high school's four and seven-year graduation rates.

    SPPS schools designated for recognition and extra support are identified below. Individual school results are available on the Minnesota Department of Education website. For information about SPPS supports and school designations, please contact, Learn more about the identification process here.

    Note: 2019 MCA test results showed slight increases in reading proficiency and slight declines in math and science proficiency from 2018. A summary of the results is available here.

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    Schools Identfied for Comprehensive Support (CSI)

    Schools identified for comprehensive support receive ongoing onsite technical assistance from the Regional Centers of Excellence, coordinated with the school’s district. This support is customized based on the school’s context, student population, and specific needs. 

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    Schools Identified for Targeted Support (TSI)

    Schools identified for targeted support receive most of their support from their local school district. They are also able to participate in specialized professional development and networking opportunities provided by the Regional Centers of Excellence. 

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    Schools Identified for Support

    Title I schools below performance thresholds for any Stage 1 indicator will receive opportunities to participate in professional development and networking coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).


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    Schools already demonstrating success on the five key measures will be recognized annually with badges for their websites, allowing them to celebrate and share their accomplishments with their students, families and greater community. 

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    Link: Read more about the Minnesota Department of Education's identification process

    A three-stage process is the basis for most identifications. Stage 1 looks at math achievement, reading achievement, and progress toward English language proficiency. Stage 2 looks at math progress and reading progress in elementary and middle schools, four-year and seven-year graduation rates in high schools, and all four of those indicators in districts. Stage 3 looks at consistent attendance.

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    North Star News Release

    New Accountability System Gives SPPS Tools to Analyze and Enhance Achievement for Students