Six-Year Graduation Pathway for SLIFE

  • The district offers a six-year graduation pathway to students who need extended time to meet the Minnesota graduation requirements. The pathway will begin at Grade 9 for students. In the student’s record (i.e., Campus), extended time will be designated with the suffix “E” for extended time in the grade (e.g., 9, 9E, 10, 10E). The E means the student is extending time in the grade level, but NOT repeating classes or grades. Parents and students will be informed of the six-year graduation pathway when they enroll in the district. This information, which is available in writing in multiple languages at the Student Placement Center and at their new school, will be communicated by the counselor. General education teachers, a counselor, administrator, an EL teacher, and a parent must periodically review multiple performance data points when determining the six-year option. The pathway is flexible and accounts for individual student strengths and needs over time.

Six-Year Graduation Pathway - English Version