Mr. Tison

  • Hello! My name is Mr. Tison, and I'm the music educator here at Ramsey Middle School. I've played music since I was a child, as my father was a folk musician. I've performed professionally with piano, guitar, hand drums and Latin percussion, drum set, accordion, string bass, and a few more. I love all things music, from Ancient music from Greece and Turkey to modern day music from the United States. Since technology is such a vital tool in processing the music of today, we implement Garageband and SmartMusic to create and strengthen our musical abilities.

    I've focused as much of my college career as possible on global music studies; in hopes that the music we learn about at Ramsey will not only reflect our student body, but the world of music and art. Below are the courses we offer, and in the sidebar is a very important notice about instrument leasing.


    Music Exploration (General Music) - 

    Intro to Percussion (General Music) - 

    Orchestra (6-8) -

    Beginning Band (6-7) - 

    Varsity Band (6-8, Intermediate) - 

    Concert Band (6-8, Advanced) - 


    Thank you for your time and I look forward to the year of risk-taking and learning!


    - Mr. Tison