6th grade Minnesota Studies/History with Ms. Walter

Headwaters of the Mississippi River - Lake Itasca
  • How do I reach the teacher?

    • Email me any time at kathrine.walter@stpaul.k12.mn.us
    • Leave me a voicemail at 651-293-8860 #2085
  • Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies at Ramsey Middle School!
    The history of Minnesota is full of rich and interesting events, which have been woven together over time. In this course, we will explore how and why Minnesota is how we view it today. But remember, there are always multiple perspectives and interpretations of historic events. Through participating in practices such as historical inquiry, students will transform into history and geography detectives where they will piece together evidence, analyze sources, interpret historic documents and hypothesize the greater meaning of events, people and places that shaped our state while placing them into a broader context, both relevant to the past and to us today.


    How can I help my child succeed in MN Studies?

    • Access and check your child’s schoology assignments and grade with your child
    • Ask your student about what they’ve learned in MN Studies


    What supplies are needed?

    • 1 notebook and 1 folder
    • Writing utensils
    • SPPS iPad (mid-September - May)


    How will students be GRADED?

    Summative Assessments: Final projects, tests, quizzes: 75%

    Formative Assessments: Daily classwork, homework, quick writes, etc: 25%


    For projects or papers, I will use a narrative rubric that shows students what they need to include to show mastery of the standard. For daily in class work and homework, mastery of the standard will be based on how well the student answered the questions as well as completion.

    For some students, developing an understanding of this is their greatest challenge of the sixth grade year. At least in the beginning, check in with your child to see how they are doing under this system. This will look a little different from traditional grading, so please reach out to me if you have any questions.


    Cheating and Plagiarism: Our relationship is based on trust, honesty and openness. It is difficult to damage this relationship. However, cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and can damage a reputation. If you feel that you are falling behind and need to resort to cheating or plagiarism, please come and see me before you turn in an assignment. Together, we will most likely be able to come to a safe and respectable solution. In the event of cheating or plagiarism, a zero will be assessed to the assignment.


    What is this History Day Project?

    The 2019 competition this year will be based on the theme of Triumph and Tragedy in History. We will be learning some of our Minnesota Studies curriculum within the context of preparing for the History Day school competition in February!  All 6th grade students will be expected to research, prepare and complete a History Day project. They may choose to do the project alone or with a partner in one of following categories:  

    • Individual or Group Exhibit
    • Individual or Group Documentary
    • Individual or Group Performance
    • Individual or Group Website
    • Individual Research Paper


    Students are not required to compete at the school level or higher- but they are strongly encouraged to do so.  Whether choosing to compete or not, all 6th grade students must complete the project.  The National History Day project guidelines meet many of the “Historic Research” curriculum standards set forth by Saint Paul Public Schools.  On top of that, you will learn GREAT skills to prepare you for the future. And it’s really FUN.


    Class Behavior Expectations: Rams ROCK!

    I am a Reflective, Open minded, Caring and Knowledgeable Scholar because:

      • I enter the room before the end of passing time, get my materials, find my space, and follow the instructions posted.  (Tardies will be referred to intervention specialists)
      • I stay in my space, stay engaged, am responsible for my actions, listen & participate in my learning during the class period.
      • I am considerate while moving around to get materials, recycle/throw things away, sharpen pencils, and choose a new space to work during work time.
      • I follow teacher iPad expectations and use my iPad for academic tasks. My phone is put away and on silent.
      • I use restrooms during passing periods and in case of emergency, with a pass during work time.
      • I borrow materials that I am missing.  (I anticipate and ask for necessary materials before class).
      • I keep our classroom space free from food and drinks (except water), except on pre-approved special occasions (we don’t want mice-yikes!)
      • I ask for a pass after the first 10 minutes of class and before the last 10 minutes of class.
      • I clean up my work area before returning to community circle and am dismissed by my teachers.