Restorative Practices

  • Restorative practice is a way of being, it is an approach, a practice which is grounded in relationships.

     Restorative Practices are ways for a school community to build relationships, problem solve and learn. In this approach, relationships are the most important way we learn about the world and ourselves.

    Restorative practice is a shift in thinking, believing, and acting that is grounded in Seven Core Assumptions or “What We Believe to be True”.  These Seven Core Assumptions are:

    • The true self in everyone is good, wise and powerful.
    • The world is profoundly interconnected.
    • All human beings have a deep desire to be in a good relationship.
    • All human beings have gifts and everyone is needed for what they bring.
    • Everything we need to make positive change is already here.
    • Human beings are holistic.
    • We need practices to build habits of living from the core self.  

     Each of these assumptions serve as powerful reminders that the things we believe to be true shape what we see and guide how we interact in our relationships, students, staff, families and community members.

     As we begin our journey, parents and community members will have opportunities to learn more about Restorative Practice. Please look for RP updates in our monthly newsletters as well as newsletters from your child's teacher.

  • Experience Restorative Practices at Nokomis Climate Advisory Team (NCAT) meetings!

    We welcome all parents to join the Nokomis Climate Advisory Team (NCAT)!  This is a monthly opportunity to join with other families and staff to discuss and plan events to build and maintain a positive school climate. In the past, NCAT has envisioned and supported School Spirit Days, NAAPID and Check & Connect opportunities. It is a great place to experience restorative practices, as we begin all our meetings in circle. Keep an eye out for Blackboard Connect messages about when our next NCAT meeting will be! Our next meeting is December 9th, 6pm. Childcare will be provided.


    Help Nokomis create an outdoor circle space! 

    Nokomis students need 5 benches for an outdoor classroom and circle space. Our students have a beautiful garden in the center of our school with a beautiful circle in the center. We are purchasing 5 weather-resistant plastic benches for classrooms to sit in circle while enjoying the beauty of nature. Our diverse students on the East Side of Saint Paul will have a place to build relationships and learn from each other! 

    We are grateful for all the support that has allowes us to purchase two benches already! Help us complete our circle with three more. 




  • Meet our Restorative Practices Coordinators!

    Jim Yang

    Jim is a Restorative Practices Coordinator at Nokomis North Montessori. He joined Nokomis during the fall of 2019, coming from his role as a RP Coordinator at Farnsworth Aerospace Upper. 

    Jim Yang Headshot


    Liza Dawley Headshot

    Liza Dawley

    Liza has been a Restorative Practices Coordinator at Nokomis North Montessori since Fall 2018. At Nokomis, Liza helps kids resolve problems, meets with students, takes breaks with kids who need a break from their classroom, and does circles with kids and teachers. Sometimes Liza visits classrooms and checks in with students. In her free time, Liza likes to do yoga, cook, read and in the winter, cross-country ski. 
    Some interesting things about Liza are: Liza has worked with kids since she was 12. She was a camp counselor at a horseback riding camp. She went to St. Olaf College. She grew up in MA and moved to MN after college. Liza has a dog named Skadi, who is a Lab-Newfoundland mix. She is a proud member of SPFE. 
    Written by Students! Claire Ales, Summer Vang and Nanella Mua



Restorative Files & Resources

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