Nokomis Climate Advisory Team

  • The Nokomis Climate Advisory Team (NCAT) Vision Statement:

    The Nokomis Climate Advisory Team will create and maintain a positive school environment where every student feels welcomed and respected. Our school climate will foster racial equity, support academic and social/emotional growth, and emphasize positive relationships between staff, parents, and students.

    Our goals at NCAT:

    • Share NCAT information at Montessori Parent Night
    • Recruit more parents to join NCAT
    • Improve parent/teacher conferences
    • Continue Restorative Practice and Circle Trainings
    • Plan NAAPID event at Nokomis North and South
    • Celebrate and explore a wider range of cultures school-wide
    • Create a positive behavior toolbox for staff and parents
    • Increase PTA attendance/involvement
    • Continue to monitor behavior data for racial disparities