• Program description

    Educational Talent Search (ETS)

    Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a college preparatory program federally funded through the U. S. Department of Education TRIO Programs with Century College sponsorship. The ETS program encourages students to complete high school, assists them in enrolling in a post-secondary educational institution and completing their education.

    Participants and parents receive information on academic, career and college planning, including financial aid resources and applications. Program staff provide grade-level specific workshops and campus visits, and encourage participants to remain focused on their personal academic/career goals.

    ETS is free for participants, and aims at increasing the number of low-income, first-generation students in post-secondary programs.

    Other schools we serve

    Century College Educational Talent Search is in its 19th year of partnership with the St. Paul Public School District and annually serves 664 participants from the following schools:

    • Grades 6-12, in designated St. Paul middle and high schools
    • Battle Creek Middle School
    • Farnsworth Aerospace Upper School
    • Hazel Park Preparatory Academy
    • Harding High School
    • John A. Johnson Senior High School


    How to apply

    Fill out the online application. Questions? Please call 651-747-4079 to speak to Patty Fischer- HPPA TRIO Advisor.






Contact Information

  • Caroline Merkl (Director/Advisor)          

    • Work cell: 651-779-3980
    • Hazel Park Ext: 651-293-8970 (45319)
    • Century College ext: 651-747-4079

    Steve (TRIO Flipside Coordinator) 651-779-3967  

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