Department of Research, Evaluation and Assessment Staff


    District Headquarters - 360 Colborne Street, 3rd Floor
    Staff Contact Information Typical Responsibilities
    Kara Arzamendia
    Title: Director
    Phone: 651-744-1708
    Direct and support the work of REA. Provide district staff, the Board of Education and stakeholders with data and reporting to improve programs and inform decisions.
    Pang Nhia Yang
    Title: Assistant Director
    Phone: 651-744-5780
    Direct and support evaluation team and evaluation work. External partnerships and data agreement. Facilitate ARP reporting.
    Jessica Lang
    Title: District-wide Testing Coordinator
    Cell: 651-435-0179
    Ofice: 651-744-2119
    Coordination of MCA/MTASs, ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS, and ACT. Manages ACCUPLACER accounts and GRR reimbursement. Test Coordination website management.
    Dr. Lynette Scott
    Title: District-wide Testing Coordinator
    Office: 651-744-6401
    Cell: 651-335-3594
    Coordination of MCA/MTAS, ACCESS for ELLs, and CogAT7
    Mike Dosedel
    Title: Program Evaluator
    Phone: 651-744-6043
    Evaluation of SPPS programs centering on the implementation of programs, curricula and instructional practices and the professional development provided to support these practices.
    Holly Miller
    Title: Program Evaluator
    Phone: 651-767-3476
    Lio Fuentes
    Title: Research Analyst I
    Phone: 651-744-3688
    Evaluation data analysis, cleaning, and visualization.
    Elsa Mundt
    Title: Research Analyst I
    Phone: 651-744-3653
    Kelsey Curran
    Title: Research Analyst III
    Phone: 651-767-8115
    Analysis, reporting, and data requests including assessment, demographics, attendance and course data; military recruiter requests; data visualization for reporting and presentations; manages Data Center and REA website.
    Mark Gruen
    Title: Research Analyst III
    Phone: 651-744-4646
    Data analysis and reporting for Office of Specialized Services.
    Cindy Porter
    Title: Research Analyst III
    Phone: 651-767-8371
    Analysis and mapping of student demographic and enrollment data; enrollment projections, discipline reporting and data cleaning, mobility, attendance, and geographic distribution of student data.
    Neelam Sethi
    Title: Student Information System Support Analyst
    Phone: 651-767-8226
    Creating database reporting solutions and managing data systems. Providing maintenance and support for data integration operations of the district's student information system.
    Phi Vu
    Title: Research Analyst II
    Phone: 651-767-8192
    Data analysis and reporting for Office of Multilinqual Learners; ACCESS Assessment contact.
    Sally Williams
    Title: Research Analyst III
    Phone: 651-744-7413
    Analysis, reporting, and data visualization of student data, including grades, credits, advanced courses, enrollment, continuation, attendance, outcome disparities (SOI), AVID, and exams for IB, AP, and Bilingual Seals.
    Yu Zhang
    Title: Research Analyst I
    Phone: 651-744-4758
    Data analysis supporting District efforts in staff recruitment and retention.
  • REA Mission & Vision:


    Inform Toward Improvement

    We will support the District's Mission—"Inspire students to think critically, pursue their dreams and change the world."—through our expertise in:

    • Research & Evaluation
    • Data & Collection
    • Training & Guidance
    • Dissemination