• Welcome to E-Stem!

    Families are important at E-Stem. We encourage family involvement through a variety of activities, athletics, and parent/guardian events. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend their child's classes and encouraged to volunteer at E-STEM.  Our website connects families to information to support partnerships between families and schools for student success. Please contact our Family Liaison, Dayja Owens, for support throughout the school year.

    We do offer transportation and childcare, upon request, to some school functions when events are hosted in person. 

    All school documents can be translated or interpreters made available upon request.


    Tej ntaub ntawv tom tsev kawm ntawv uas xa los rau nej, peb yuav pab txhais thiab nrhiav neeg txhais lus rau nej yog nej hais qhia peb.


    Dhammaan dukumiintiyada iskuulka waa la turjumi karaa ama waxaa la heli karaa turjumaan haddii la codsado.


    Todos los documentos pueden ser traducidos o interpretados oralmente si usted lo solicita.