Office of Leadership Development

  • The main purpose of the Office of Leadership Development  is to develop the instructional leadership skills of principals and future SPPS leaders. Instructional leadership is providing direction, coordination and resources for the improvement of curriculum/instruction and student learning. Improving instructional leadership will lead to improved student achievement and the elimination of the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories.

    Leadership Development

    • Induction Mentoring: Individualized support and learning structure for Principals in first three years of service with a more experienced Principal.
    • Professional Development for Principals/APs/Interns: Alignment of professional development for Principals/APs/Interns to help schools more effectively support district/site goals and strategic plan.
    • Support and Mentorship for Change Leadership: Support and mentorship for Assistant Principals and Interns in their development as SPPS leaders.
    • Job-Embedded Coaching: Topic-specific, at-the-elbow coaching for Principals by an experienced Principal.
    • Leadership Pipeline:Identification of future leaders and supporting them through growth, licensure, and beyond.
    • Principal/Assistant Principal/Intern Evaluation: Evaluation tool and process aligned with district leadership model and personal development plan with considerations of school/department/program priorities and goals for professional growth.
    • Principal’s Handbook: Provides Principals with clearly defined expectations for job priorities and performance; a monthly guide to necessary tasks; and links to a comprehensive reference list of resources and information available on district websites.
    • Turnaround Saint Paul: Differentiated, building-specific design, coaching and support for three SPPS schools and two charter schools.


    Teacher Development

    • Student Teacher Preparation: Modifying and improving preparation of student teachers  
    • Teacher Improvement Plans: Principal mentors work with Principals in teacher evaluation process, provide evaluation services and mentoring in effective post-conferences.

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