Measurements for Success

  • How We Will Know the Strategic Plan is Working

    The SPPS Achieves Strategic Plan incorporates performance measurements to indicate progress toward the long-term student outcomes. Our metrics of 38 data points measure the current status (baseline) and our goal at the end of the plan (five-year target). Progress will also be measured annually.

    The five-year targets are both attainable and aspirational and were developed based on best practices for setting attainable goals.

    The five-year targets were developed through an intense review process based on six factors:

    1. The current status (baseline)
    2. The trend or most recent history
    3. The educational context (local, regional and or federal influences)
    4. The time it may take to implement changes and see progress
    5. The unique characteristics of the student groups identified in the long-term student outcomes
    6. The number of schools or student groups that are already meeting the five-year targets.
  • Decrease Disparities in Achievement Based on Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Identity

  • Increase Achievement of English Learners

  • Increase Achievement of Students Receiving Special Education Services

  • Improve Kindergarten Readiness

  • Increase Academic Growth in Reading and Math for All Students

  • Prepare All Graduates for College, Career and Life