SPMA Attendance Policy

  • Please be aware of the following steps to take if your student is to be absent from school:


    Please call the Attendance Line at 651-744-2168 by the end of the school day that your child is going to be absent


    Send a note with your student to school within 5 school days. 

    Please include:

    Your name

    Phone number

    Student’s Name

    Reason for absence

    *You must call to report for EACH DAY that your child is absent*




    Excused Absences Include:

    Sickness  (too sick to be in school, such as high temperature, throwing up)

    Medical Appointments (Note: A full day of absence is rarely required for an appointment.)

    Religious Holidays

    Extreme Family Emergencies (house fire, death, etc.)

    *Schools are authorized to seek verification for these absences.


    Examples of Unexcused Absences Include:

    Family Vacations

    Moving (within the school area)

    Another sibling is ill


    Missed the bus

    Suspended from school

    Staying home to babysit

    Weather too hot/too cold (see SPPS Winter Weather Plan)


    SPMA follow Ramsey County Education Neglect and St Paul Public Schools School Attendance Matters (SAM) timelines for unexcused absences. Missing as much as 5 days of school in a calendar year can negatively impact student learning.  Please understand that if your student has 5 or more unexcused and/or excessive illness absences, one of the following things may happen:

    • Attendance Alert Letter mailed home
    • School Meeting to develop individual written attendance contract
    • SPMA staff home visit to discuss attendance
    • Meeting with Ramsey County Attorney to learn about responsibilities and consequences under the law
    • Child Protection Involvement if previous interventions have not been successful


    At SPMA, we strive to support your child’s success and hope to partner with you to remedy any attendance issues that may come up for your family during this school year. If you have extenuating circumstances or would like help in connecting to resources that support your student’s attendance, please contact our School Counselor.

  • SPMA Attendance Line: 651-744-2168

    School Nurse: 651-744-2066

    School Counselor: 651-744-8222