Credit Recovery

  • Students in grades 9-12 who are behind by six or fewer credits can register for S-Term 1 OR S-Term 2 through their regular school counselor. Students in grades 9-12 who are behind by more than six credits should attend BOTH S-Term 1 AND S-Term 2.

    There are both options to learn in the traditional classroom and with a blended format (digital curriculum with class meetings twice a week). Digital courses are open to students who will be 16 years of age by the last day of the session.  Check here for more information about how digital curriculum is used in S-Term.

    Required meetings for digital students:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 2019 Summer Learning Programs (S-Term) Digital Credit Recovery Students

    Q. What digital credit recovery classes are offered in S-Term?
    A. Because digital classes are exclusively used for credit recovery, only courses required for graduation are offered. Most digital courses are offered both sessions. APEX Financial literacy is only offered Session 2.

    Q. What are the expectations for digital credit recovery students?
    A. Students are expected to:

    • follow the Academic Honesty policy and the Acceptable Use Policy (complete pre-tests, ?quizzes, and unit tests without the aid of search engines)
    • read and study all instructional materials, including videos, interactive exercises, texts ?and work on their digital credit recovery class for multiple hours every day of the session.
    • attend the designated twice weekly meetings with their class and teacher (can only miss 1)
    • check their email daily and ask for help from their teacher in between class meetings
    • earn 70% or more on quizzes in order to move on to the next activity
    • submit written work to their teacher by the due date, using email
    • complete the course by the last day of the session in order to earn credit. There are no incompletes or extensions, and all requests for special consideration must be forwarded to the administrator.

    Q. Why do we have to attend in person twice a week?
    A. Our experience in S-Term and Evening High School has taught us that students who attend twice a week are more likely to earn credit.

    Q. What support is available for students with IEPs?
    A. We have one EA who assists students in the labs, both with operation of APEX and with following general procedures. SPPS has hired two Special Education EAs to support all students at SPC, whose job is to monitor attendance, grades, and assist with individual help with assignments. They know what accommodations each student has in their IEP and can share them with you; we can accommodate to a point, because APEX has additional tools, like audio and vocabulary support/scaffold-ed study sheets, but we cannot extend the deadline so that a student has more time to do the work for any student for any reason.

    Q. What transportation should I use to attend S-Term?
    A. If you are only taking digital classes, you will be provided an MT bus card, if you live within the city limits of Saint Paul. If you are taking both regular and digital classes, you are expected to ride the yellow bus provided for eligible students.

    For more information, please contact Leslie Snow, ALC Program Manager, at 651-744-8013; 651-592-1494 or Chris Ederer, Secondary TOSA for Extended Day/Summer Session 651-744-6770.