Progress Monitoring

  • Initiative Action Teams are working to implement several strategic initiatives, each with its own action steps. The teams have identified 80 high level action steps for this school year, with deadlines of July 2020. The following information shows the progress so far.

    Overall Status

    # of Milestones

    % of Total




    In Progress






    As of Dec. 10, 2019

Annual Progress

  • 1a. Implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) at every school, integrating social-emotional learning support

  • 2a. Improve culture by using input from students, staff and families

  • 3a. Implement culturally relevant practices within all student learning and programming

  • 3b. Ensure all students have access to a well-rounded education

  • 5a. Implement a system for assessing program effectiveness

  • 5b. Determine a districtwide middle school model

  • 5c. Allocate resources more strategically

  • 6a. Create career-related curriculum and personal learning plans for all PreK-12 students

  • 7a. Strengthen partnerships that provide college credit, industry certification and job experience to secondary students 7b. Expand high-quality instruction in targeted career fields

  • 8a. Identify ways to engage the community in district decisions and initiatives

  • 9a. Review and revise relationships with external organizations to better meet student needs

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