2019-20 School Acceptance Letters and Waiting List Information

  • Email and U.S. mail notifications have been sent to families that submitted an application by the Feb. 28 priority deadline.

    Elementary families must notify the Student Placement Center no later than Friday, April 19 if they choose not to accept their school placement. For more information, call the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What happens if my student isn’t accepted into one of the schools we selected?
    Your student’s name will be placed on a waiting list according to school choice guidelines. If there is an opening, you will be called and given the opportunity to enroll your child in that school. To learn about other enrollment options, please call the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760. 

    What is a waiting list?
    Waiting lists are created for schools and programs that receive more applications than they have seats available. Your first choice will be considered and matched first, whenever possible.

    Students will only be added to a waiting list for their first choice school. Waiting lists apply if:

    • Space is not available for either their first or second choice OR
    • The student is accepted to their second choice school.

    The lists will expire two weeks after the start of the school year for most schools and programs. (Exceptions include Pre-K programs, elementary language immersion programs and Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented.)

    Is my child guaranteed acceptance to one of my school choices listed on the application?
    No. Many schools receive more applications than they can accept. If your choices on the application are schools that traditionally have limited space or receive a large number of applications, your chances of being accepted to one of those schools are reduced.

    May I keep my child’s current enrollment in an SPPS site as well as the new acceptance and decide before school begins?
    No, a student can be registered at only one school for the coming year.

    Can my child’s name be on more than one waiting list?
    No, students can be on only one waiting list. This applies to your child’s first choice school. 

    If we reside close to a school, are we automatically accepted?
    No. Your priority at a particular school is based on whether you reside in that school’s Area (A-F1/F2), and not geographic proximity.