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Nutrition Services website for lunch account payments, free/reduced applications, menus, allergens and more!

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    Online Payments

    Set up an online account where you can pay from home.

    • Make payments—one time or set up recurring.
    • Check balances and set up balance reminders
    • Manage a la carte purchases on your child’s account
    • Request account transfers or refunds
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    Menus and Allergens

    • School Menus
      • Menus are subject to change
      • Schools have the capability to customize menus (ie fruit options) based on what they have at their school as well as what is popular at their school. Due to this, not all menu options that appear on your menu may be served on a given day
      • Menus are published every Friday two weeks in advance
    • Nutritional information and ingredients
    • Allergen Information



    • SPPS plans its menus in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


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Important Things to Know

    • Lunch PIN numbers are your child's student ID number without the "S"
    • Applications need to be completed each school year
    • Frequently asked questions
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