Welcome to the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Mission

    Welcome! The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) was established in 2018. The mission of the department is to promote a districtwide culture of equal opportunity and access that is free from unlawful harassment, discrimination, violence, and retaliation. 

    About the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

    The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) provides leadership and guidance to ensure that Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) is compliant with applicable civil rights laws and district policies and procedures.

    Most visibly, EEO fields and investigates complaints of retaliation, or discrimination, harassment and violence based on membership in a protected class. As defined in the 415.00 policy, protected classes include, for example, race, national origin, disability, sex, and sexual orientation.

    EEO conducts investigations through an independent, impartial and neutral process. Once the investigation is complete, the results are provided to Human Resources which determines whether follow up action is warranted and what that action will be. 

    Additionally, EEO takes an active role in developing and implementing district initiatives that comply with and promote equal opportunity policies, that help drive a positive school and district culture.

    EEO is an independent department within the district, with the Director reporting directly to the office of the Chief of Staff. The EEO department is new to the District as of November 2018. A primary function of the department is to investigate complaints arising under the District’s 415 policy (“Discrimination, Harassment, Violence, and Retaliation Policy”). Investigations undertaken by the department are completely separate from Human Resources investigations. EEO serves as a neutral fact finder during investigations, and does not take either 'side' in a complaint. 

Contact Information

  • Maria Eustaquio
    Equal Employment Opportunity
    Saint Paul Public Schools
    360 Colborne St.
    Saint Paul, MN, 55102


    651-744-6950 (office)



  • The information below is a summary of the District’s 415.00 policy and investigative process. Please refer to Policy 415.00 for additional details about how complaints can be filed and the individuals responsible for investigating and responding to complaints.

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