Applying for Grants

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    All grants – large or small, public or private, district-wide or school-level – come through the SPPS Grants Office in one way or another. The Grants Office must be informed of any grant applications in process. This allows staff to provide the required oversight and ensures they are prepared to provide support if/when needed.

    Staff are available to help navigate the many steps of applying for grants.

  • Application Development

    In addition to developing applications for high-value public and private grants, we offer assistance to teachers seeking funds for projects in their classroom or school. Whether you require a financial document or help writing your application, we offer seasoned advice and professional support.

  • Board Approval and Grant Contracts

    Every grant must be approved by the board, and the contract must be signed by the superintendent before any money can be accepted and the program begins. Working with the Grants Office from the beginning ensures a smooth and timely approval process.

  • Budget Creation

    Each grant requires a unique budget code for reporting and auditing. We turn your award check into a fully financed budget.

  • Letters of Support

    The Grants Office creates letters of support for organizations and individuals applying for grants that will benefit SPPS students. Contact us early in your application process to ensure your application and supporting documentation are complete and submitted in a timely fashion.

  • General Assistance

    Allowable expenses, reporting, closeout, carryover – we are here to answer your questions and help you implement a successful grant program. If you need guidance on the tasks necessary for proper grant management, we have expertise and resources.

    Contact us early in the application process for any of these services. 

Last Modified on October 4, 2022