• Projects & Links
    Using the Internet:
    Mouse Skills
    MOUSE PRACTICE -Practice games using the mouse.
    Enrichment Activities (Math, Language Arts, etc)
    STARFALL  Use this interactive site to reinforce anything from alphabets to beginning reading. Pick the correct grade level.
    COOL MATH 4 KIDS-Use your math skills to challenge your classmates. 
         Alien Addition-Shoot the spaceship that adds up to the correct sum.
         Minus Missioin-Blast the slimes that subtracts to the correct difference.
         Tractor Multiplication-Join a team and help them mutiply to find the product.  Fastest team wins!
         Demolition Division-Shoot the attacking tanks that adds up to the correct quotient.
    Keyboarding Activities
    KEYBOARD CLIMBER - Find the letters on the keyboard to help the monkey reach the moon.