• Projects & Links
    ENCHANTED LEARNING -Learn Nursery rhymes
    Using the Internet:
    Mouse Skills
    MOUSE PRACTICE -Practice games using the mouse.
    Enrichment Activities (Math, Language Arts, etc)
    STARFALL  Use this interactive site to reinforce anything from alphabets to beginning reading. 
    WORD SEARCH -Use your mouse to click & find all of the words
    PUZZLES Solve puzzles that are engaging & fun!  Sponsored Toy Theater.
    • Word Search -Search for the letters and words.
    • Checkers -Play against the computer or against a classmate.
    Arcademic-Math Race  Play multi-player and single-player games that foster basic Math and Language Art skills!  Choose your grade level.

          •Jumping Chicks-Help the chicks count the leaves to see who wins! 

          •Puppy Hop-Help the puppies hop to the correct alphabet.

          •Kangaroo Hop-Help these kangaroos hop on the correct shapes!

          •Koala Carts -Race against a friend and count the number of circles you see.  

    LEMONADE STAND Fun way to learn how to sell lemonade & see who earns the most money. Challenge (3-5)

    Keyboarding Activities (Some activities may not work on iPad).

    Keyboard Climber-Use letters to help Monkey reach the moon.
    KEYBOARD CLIMBER 2-Help monkey get out of the cave with upper & lower case letters.  Includes numbers. CHALLENGE (K-2)

    Key Tower-Find the right letters to drop on crates. Start with Homerow Keys! Challenge (K-5)

    Keybricks -Find two or more cubes that have the same letters.  
    KEYBOARD INVASION - Type the letters you see.  
    Typeroids -Complete the mission by using Homerow keys.  By Kidztype.

    TYPING ROCKET -Type the letter in the rocket to make them explode.

    Keyboard Zoo -Keyboard practice for Kindergarten students.  Use Letter Names & the keyboard to find letters.

    Flappy Games/Minecraft Games
    Note: Games created by Frost Lake students.
    Anthony B. Damien  Lyle  
    Alvin  Vander  

    Kaylinn (4th)     Thaw (4th)                 

    Haven (5th)