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  • Questions and Answers about Transitioning to In Person Learning

    Here are the options for our return to school in January/February:


    VLS-Continue with Virtual Learning (Learning remotely with iPads):

    If you prefer to keep your children in an online learning environment, SPPS Virtual Learning School is still an option for any family in SPPS. You must register for VLS by Jan. 8th by calling the SPPS Student Placement at (651) 632-3760.

    If you are already registered for VLS, no further action is needed. Your child will continue using all of the online learning tools they have been using all year! Please note, there may be some teacher & schedule changes for your children due to enrollment. Please watch for information from your child’s teacher!

    If you are unsure if your child is enrolled in VLS or In Person, please call Paula at 651-744-7440.


    Return to In-Person Instruction:

    Monday, February 1st: Children’s House and E1, ASD students (Pre-K thru grade 3 ONLY) return to in person learning.

    Tuesday, February 16th: E2 students, (4th and 5th graders) return to in person learning

    (*NOTE: There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, Feb 15th in celebration of President’s Day).

    For students that return to full time in-person learning, they will attend school five days a week. Please note that they may have a different teacher than they currently have.

    *If you have not signed up for VLS and would like your child to return to full time in-person learning, you do not have to do anything. 

    *If you have already signed up for VLS (remote learning) and would like to change to full time in- person learning, you must call SPPS Student Placement Center at (651) 632-3760 by Jan. 8th

    More more information, please refer to the the SPPS Covid 19 Family and Student Guidelines https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_DuP174bIVvAAaKm6sC15AFe5RIgBMl8gEhBPBKUZWU/edit?usp=sharing


    In Person Learning Q&A

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